Morgan Cheek stands out as a beacon of genuineness, focused on creating deep connections. As the co-owner of WinMo Fitness, an online holistic health company, Morgan is dedicated to helping individuals embrace their whole selves—body, mind, and soul. 

We recently had a chance to interview Morgan and ask about her background, struggles, achievements, and fitness business. Let’s have a look at what her inspiring journey holds for us:

Can you tell us about your life and background?

Yes, of course; my journey began in Cleveland, Tennessee, where I grew up in a loving family but felt compelled to march to my own beat. Since childhood, I felt drawn to helping marginalized communities and found solace in faith-based activities. Eventually, my interests developed into a strong desire to explore the depths of human connection. Little did I know that my path would be shaped by two profound losses—the deaths of my twin daughters, Bailey Grace and Ally, at ages 6 and 7.

How did this loss affect you?

These tragic events catalyzed my transformation and commitment to living authentically. Channeling my grief into a creative outlet, I started a blog to share my daughters’ stories that, to my surprise, touched readers’ hearts and resonated with my vulnerability and openness. As my audience grew, I realized the power of words in offering solace and companionship to others navigating their journeys.

We see you are passionate about educating others on personal transformation; what was your plan to achieve this objective?

The agony I faced in seeing my daughters fight the disease and end up losing them gave me a renewed sense of purpose. I authored three books, and with each book I published – ”Milk and Honey,” “Are We There Yet?,” and “Even in Darkness“ – I  delved deeper into themes of faith, grief, and holistic health. My speaking engagements became platforms to address topics such as trauma, suffering, and the importance of embracing one’s whole self. My non-judgmental approach created a safe space for individuals to find acceptance and healing.

What factor is the most significant contributor to your success? 

I attribute my success to the simple act of showing up as myself. In a society that often demands conformity, I stayed true to my unique journey, and this resonated with countless individuals seeking a similar sense of belonging. My daily routine includes a morning practice of silence, prayer, and reflection, which helps me stay grounded.

What sets WinMo Fitness apart from other fitness businesses?

At WinMo Fitness, we go beyond conventional fitness programs. Our commitment to mental and physical well-being sets us apart in the industry. Rather than focusing solely on weight loss, we emphasize the integration of mind, body, and soul, offering personalized support and guidance. We also host retreats that empower individuals to embrace their true selves without judgment.

What’s your vision regarding WinMo Fitness?

Looking forward, I envision WinMo Fitness as a trusted organization that collaborates with resorts, yoga studios, and other facilities to create transformative retreat experiences. These retreats will provide participants with the tools to heal and grow. My ultimate goal is to help people break free from barriers, unlock their full potential, and live lives of freedom and discipline. We are really excited to dive into this more intensive-weekend journey.Morgan Cheek’s story is a testament to the power of showing up authentically in a world that often encourages conformity and masks. Her genuine approach and vulnerability have created a ripple effect, inspiring others to shed societal expectations and embrace their true selves.