A certified Swiftie? …………….. Travis Kelce!

Already back on the road packing for Argentina; tight end 34 from Chiefs after beating Miami Dolphins in Frankfort Germany.

According to sources, Kelce is going to travel to South America in order to support Swift, 33, during her upcoming Eras Tour dates.

To that end, the “Cruel summer” singer has scheduled three shows from Thursday to Saturdays while the NFL star made allowance for this visit on his calendar.

The Chiefs had an off-week after that Nov. 5 win over Miami, thereby giving Kelce some additional rest as they line up for the Philadelphia Eagles game, whose center — his elder brother — is Jason Kelce.

Their latest podcast in New Heights with Jason and Travis mentioned about Travs visiting south America.

Thirty-six-year-old Jason also asked his little brother, “Anyplace you would like attending?”.

This seems like an effort to fuel more of the chaos concerning his relationship with the pop star. In response, Travis suggested that he may simply say “f*** it and go somewhere nice. I have got to be more tan; my skin is turning real white, so I have to go to some sunny place.”

Jason enquired whether his brother would be heading towards the southern part of the continent but Travis simply told him, “closer to the equator”.

Travis announced that had tried to get it on with singer Taylor Swift in one July episode of his podcast series.

Luckily for the two of them a lot has occurred, and they appear to be hot now.

Then during October they spent an evening with PDA filled in a Saturday night live’s after party. In addition, earlier that summer time he had witnessed her Eras Tour stop at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City.

In support, the Chief starts star doesn’t alone lead in the stands.

She has attended a few of his games, even sitting with his mother in the suites.

The women’s footage tweeted by Fox Sports x includes a smile, cheer, shout among others. In particular, they can be seen smiling, shouting and cheers in the lady suite of the Kansas City, Missouri stadium. They were dressed in the colours of the team during this process.